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Deciding where to work or what to study might the easiest decision of your life, but for most people it’s a process of learning what jobs exist and what schools and careers fit our unique talents and the way we work best. The CLUB helps teens explore career options and prepare for additional education based on individual goals.

Taco Bell Foundation Scholarship

Jan 15th

We’re GEMS! Girls Engineering Math & Science

May 23rd

About the Sky Game

Feb 2nd

Kaplan/BGCA - Practice with a Purpose Campaign

Feb 1st

Scholarships Just for Club Members

Jan 25th

It’s Money Matters Scholarship Time!

Jan 20th

Star Wars Rogue One: A Red Carpet Surprise

Jan 5th

Play a game, win a foot locker card

Dec 16th

CareerLaunch Contest: What are Your Top 3 Goals for SUCCESS in 2017!

Dec 14th

CareerLaunch Contest: Your Top 3 Job Application Tips

Dec 14th

Teen Internship Opportunity for Student Leaders

Nov 10th

5 Money Tips Every Teen Should Know

Nov 7th

Sky is Here!

Sep 6th

Money Matters Ambassador Journey

Jun 5th

Khan Academy: Finding an Idea in the Mail

Apr 4th

11 Common FAFSA Mistakes

Feb 24th

Entrepreneur Q & A: Kellin Haley

Feb 24th

Khan Academy: Introduction to Economics

Feb 4th

A Day With the “Schwabies”

Jan 21st

Khan Academy: Reid Hoffman - Founder of LinkedIn

Jan 21st

Tips for New Entrepreneurs from InPlatform Cofounder

Jan 11th

Serrina’s Launch to Leadership

Nov 18th

Entrepreneur Q&A: Ai Ching Goh of Piktochart

Nov 13th

How to Survive A Portfolio Review

Nov 5th

College Show-And-Tell: Resources for Exploring Your Collegiate Future

Nov 2nd

How to Prepare For a Portfolio Review

Oct 26th

CareerLaunch Contest: Your Best Interview Outfit

Oct 16th

Khan Academy: 1 Private universities

Oct 15th

Jennifer’s Pathway to Opportunities

Oct 11th

What is Personal Brand, an Interview with Jesse Ferrell

Oct 7th

Touring The Creative Circus

Sep 25th

BreAnna’s Steps to Success

Sep 15th

Sports Careers: Behind-the-Scenes

Aug 12th

STEM Careers- 5 Science Jobs

Aug 11th

STEM Careers- Science

Aug 11th

STEM Careers- Technology

Aug 11th

Exploring My Interests After High School

Aug 11th

Summer Jobs for Teens

Aug 7th

Take a College Tour to Find One You Love

Jul 30th

Career Choices: The World Needs Plumbers

Jul 2nd

Club Teens Earn Scholarships from Darden Foundation

Jul 1st

Getting Ready for College

Jul 1st

Searching for Colleges

Jul 1st

Money Matters Music Mogul - “Time is Money” feat. Khao

Jun 30th

Preparing to Work!

Jun 29th

Choosing A Career Path

Jun 29th

Teen Job Search

Jun 29th

Reality Store: Kim Law, Schwab Volunteer

Jun 28th

Succeeding On the Job

Jun 26th

Helpful Resources: Applying for College

Jun 25th

Planning for Future Career Success

Jun 24th

Starting Your Job Search

Jun 24th

CareerLaunch- Preparing Teens for Our Nation’s Workforce

Jun 24th

Money Matters Music Mogul Winner: Blake McGuire

Jun 22nd

Teen Leadership Skills

Jun 21st

How to Handle Group Work When a Team Member Slacks

Jun 21st

7 Interview Tips for Your First Job

Jun 21st

Getting the Job- Applying and Interviewing

Jun 9th