We’re GEMS! Girls Engineering Math & Science

Written by Sofia Share
BGC Ft Collins
Written by Sofia Share
BGC Ft Collins

We have been doing G.E.M.S ( Girls Engineering Math And Science ) since Fall 2016. The person directing the program was Marla Jane Butterfly Flynn. It was an amazing program, we had a lot of fun doing all the activities. We did A bunch of different things , we learned about sound waves, we learned about about Light, we learned code, We did tie die ,There was even a field trip were we dissected SQUID! and many other activities, but our last activity was were we got to learn about Canines, and how they help the police find many things. My experience with GEMS was a lot of fun . There were many volunteers that help with the program.So I hope we have many more programs like that.

When we learned about code we had done papers and one page had the code numbers and the other paper had what we had to change into the code. The next one was were there other letters and it had a wheel that had the real letter and the other had the other side had the code letter. At the end of the Activity we got invisible inc

When we learned About light A visitor came in and let us use these boards with wires and light bulbs.We had to connect the wires in the right places so at the end all 3 light bulbs would Have lite up.

Last when we learned about sound waves there were different stations that we could show us where we could see sound waves. One was were you would play the piano and it would show us. another is where we could speak into something and it would show your voice sound waves.Than we got to make our own home made speaker and we plugged it into a radio and we could hear it very lightly

So those were Some of the activities That we had done. It was A fun program and we had learned a lot from it too. I Am happy that we got to have fun when we were able to learn too.

From the boys and girls club of Fort Collins

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