CareerLaunch Contest: Your Top 3 Job Application Tips

Written by LaFonda Share
Written by LaFonda Share

Win a $50 gift card! CareerLaunch wants to know your top 3 job application tips. So you’ve applied and found a great job, how did you do it? Share your top 3 job application tips for finding that part-time job and have a chance to win a $50 gift card. Just enter your tips in the comments section.

(Make sure to include these items to be considered an entry!)

*Use the comments section to list your top 3 application tips
*Don’t forget your name and the name of your Boys & Girls Club

(*The winner will be notified via their Club)

*You MUST be a Boys & Girls Club member
*You MUST be between 13 and 18 years of age
*You can submit multiple entries
*The top 5 finalists will be selected by a BGCA panel of judges
*The award will be sent to the winner at his/her Boys & Girls Club 30 days after the contest ends
*Submissions will be accepted from 12-15-16 through 1-15-17. CareerLaunch contest closes 1-15-17 at 12 pm

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