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No matter where your interests lie, technology is part of your life. But if you’d like to go beyond using a smartphone and/or a computer, you’ll find lots of career options to explore in this growing field. Jobs include software developer, information security analyst, computer programmer and database administration.

Even if you’re a creative person, you might find a good career fit in technology. In the video below, Adriana Babino talks about how she studied art and design in college, but also took many math and science classes. Though she got her bachelor’s degree in design, she found a job at a high-tech company in Silicon Valley after graduation. Working in technology has allowed Babino to blend her creative and analytic skills in an effective way, she said.

Today, Babino works at Symantec, a company that helps people and businesses protect and store digital information. You may have heard of their Norton products, which include Internet security programs and other protection for computer and mobile users.

If you’re interested in a career in technology, you’ll find some helpful information below. But before you read any further, be sure to watch the video above to find out more about Babino’s educational and work experience.


Need To Know Info

Name: Adriana Babino
Title: Security Solutions Architect
Company: Symantec
Degree: Bachelor’s degree
Major: Design


A Day in the Office With Adriana Babino

Generally, my day begins with a quick review of my email messages to see what occurred from the day before or throughout the evening that I need to be aware of. I then spend an hour or so reviewing the latest technology news via the Internet and other publications.

Often I am scheduled for meetings with customers, either on-site or via WebEx conference calls along with my account manager. If I am in the home office, I spend a lot of time speaking with customers about our technology or following up with customers on our solutions. If I am at a customer site, it is generally to present a certain technology that they have requested or to update them on the Threat Landscape and what we, Symantec, are seeing in the industry.

I also will, from time to time, conduct POCs, which stands for Proof of Concept. A Proof of Concept is a trial of a software solution in the customer’s environment. POCs follow a given time frame and specific criteria, which is usually in written format and agreed to by the customer and Symantec prior to the engagement. If the POC is a success, it generally results in a purchase of our products and solutions.

This is really where a Security Engineer/Solutions Architect really comes in to play. We are the technical expertise in the sales process between the customer and the technology solutions that we represent.


What are your thoughts on some of the hottest careers in your field?

The security space is one of the hottest areas today. As a security practitioner, this has never been more true than right now at this specific time in history. With breaches announced at Target, Neiman Marcus and, even more recently, at eBay, it is easy to see how security is fast becoming the most important aspect of a digital world as we expand our technology footprint. The future is bright and exciting in this field as we move past the traditional ways of doing business to “BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) and the “IoT” (Internet of Things).

I think young people today are far more advanced in technology than many of us in this industry now. Young people have grown up with the Internet, mobile devices and smartphones and are accustomed to the most minute details on how to use these amazing tools.

Oftentimes, they are also the least likely to understand security and privacy as it relates to this wonderful technology. I believe this could be the perfect storm, in an amazing sense, to marry the tech savvy smarts of the young folks with the technical training available to them. Young people could quickly become the greatest security practitioners in the world in short order.


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