Youth of the Year
Stories Written by Teens like You

For nearly 70 years, the Youth of the Year program has honored and celebrated the nation’s most inspiring teens and their incredible journeys. One member is named the National Youth of the Year, serving as an ambassador for Boys & Girls Club youth. National Youth of the Year winners have achieved success in a variety of industries, including entertainment, politics, business and sports.

Meet Jocelyn! 2016 Youth of The Year

Nov 7th

My First Year Experience

Apr 29th

Massachusetts Youth of the Year Winner Announced!

Oct 30th

Congratulations to 2015 Youth of the Year Whitney S.

Oct 2nd

Misty Copeland - National Youth of the Year Ambassador

Jun 27th

Youth of the Year at World Series

Jun 9th

National Youth of the Year- Maryah Sullivan

Jun 9th