You look forward to summer vacation all year and it’s finally here! Bored? Don’t be! Here are some great things to do this summer vacation.
1 - Get outside

During the school year you spent a lot of time inside sitting at a desk. Take advantage of the free time and the beautiful weather and get outside! Place sports, take a hike, picnic at the park…anything that’s in the fresh air will work!


2 - Learn something new

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Summer is your opportunity to decide what YOU want to learn! It can be juggling, origami, the perfect hook shot, game design or even making your own website!


3 - Hang out with friends

Take advantage of your free time by spending more time with your friends!


4 - Check out some colleges

Summer is a perfect time to take a quick tour of a college campus. Of course you’ll want to go back when classes are in session, but there are some places you’ll fall in love with and want to visit again.


5 - Get a new hobby

Kind of like learning something new, hobbies are a great way to become a more interesting person. See what after-school groups your school offers. If any of them interest you start exploring it as a hobby so that you can jump right in when the school year starts!


6 - Make a difference in your community

Serving your community makes you feel great and makes a real difference right around you. Find a way to help AND do something you love - volunteer at a dog shelter (walking puppies? yes, please!), help stock food at a shelter, join an art project or check out the community garden. And don’t forget, volunteer work is a great thing to add to those college applications!


7 - Get a summer job

Get a little life experience and make some extra money this summer. Summer jobs abound for responsible, enthusiastic teens. Check the job boards at your local library to see if there’s anything that calls to you. Or be an entrepreneur and strike out on your own this summer!


8 - Check out your local Club

And finally - don’t forget to check out all the great activities for teens at your local Boys & Girls Club. Lots of Clubs have teen-only spaces, activities and even special teen nights. From sports to tech, there’s always something interesting going on at your Club!


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