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Are you a writer, photographer, artist, videographer? Share your work with the world and get published on MyClubMyLife.com! We feature the works of up-and-coming journalists and artists. MyClubMyLife is a great opportunity to get your work noticed and jump start a career or hobby.


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What types of content do we publish on the site?


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Interested in being a journalist? Submit your own articles or contact our editor for an assignment.


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Aspiring novelist? Submit your creative works to MCML too.


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Submit photos for articles or your original photography or artwork for our creative galleries.



Have original podcasts or videos? We’d love to see them!


Find out more about specific requirements for each category here and write for MCML:

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The Club

The staff at MyClubMyLife.com publishes content about teens and for teens. But there's no content like your content. If you'd like to write for MyClubMyLife.com contact [email protected] to learn more!

3 Responses to “Do You Want to Write for MCML?”

  1. Evie

    Im a girl and I like dogs Im nice and CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BenJi Ramirez

    Hello, I’m an enthusiastic LIT (Leader In Training) at the Lied Boys & Girls club of Las Vegas, NV.
    I am more than willing and intrested in writing about cool events and activities going on in our clubhouse. :)

    • The Club

      The Club

      Hi Benji,

      We’d love to have you and your Club teens submit content. If you follow the link above (Submit Today!), it will take you to Submittable (our submissions page). The form will guide you through the submissions process. We look forward to seeing great content from you and your Club teens!

      The MyClubMyLife Team


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