Top 10 Things You Miss On Summer Vacation

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Top 10 things you miss on summer vacation

Summer is finally here and you thought it would never come! All year long you looked forward to being out of school…but you’re shocked to find that there are ACTUALLY some things you miss about it. No, you’re not crazy! Here are the top 10 things teens tell us they miss during their summer vacation…. Read more »

Make the Most of Your Summer Vacation

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You look forward to summer vacation all year and it’s finally here! Bored? Don’t be! Here are some great things to do this summer vacation. 1 - Get outside During the school year you spent a lot of time inside sitting at a desk. Take advantage of the free time and the beautiful weather and… Read more »

Summer Vacation Travel Tips

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Check out Aziza Sidikova‘s, of The Wakefield Chieftain, summer vacation travel tips to make the most of your vacation!   Aziza Sidikova ’18, Staff Writer • June 23, 2015 • The Wakefield Chieftain Going on a trip during summer could be a bit tough. Here are some tips to help you enjoy and relax.  … Read more »

Top 10 Best Things to Do During the Summer

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  From The Roar, Leander, Texas, Jack Densmore and Austin Graham share the best things to do this summer! Check out their great tips below.   by Jack Densmore and Austin Graham June 8, 2015 - The Roar There are many things to do after school is let out. From going to the beach to sleeping. Here’s the top… Read more »

Summer Albums to Watch For

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Summer Albums

Check out The Knight Errant, the student news site of Benilde - St. Margaret’s School, and put these summer albums on your radar.  What are you listening too this summer? Zach Smith, A&E Editor - May 14, 2015 Florence + the Machine — “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” (6/2/15) Florence + the Machine’s lead… Read more »

7 Healthy Snacks for Summer

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Check out The Kirkwood Call, the student newspaper at Kirkwood High School, and try out this teen’s recipes for healthy snacks this summer.  What other recipes can you share? Anna Mullendore, features writer • June 23, 2015   1. Fruity graham crackers Spread blueberry yogurt or a yogurt of your liking, on a graham cracker…. Read more »