By: Tierrika Hutton.


Love is a strange thing; it can give a high so amazing it feels like the best thing in the world. But it can also make you feel so low you can’t handle the pain. Everyone in the world knows the feeling; the feeling of pain and sorrow, it’s unavoidable in life as humans. But love can be the one thing that brings someone out of the pain in their hearts, to awaken them from the lifeless slumber. It’s so strong it can pull people out of the rabbit hole of depression they are living in. When the right person loves you it is like a breath of fresh air.

So much love can change a bad guy into a good sweet boy or the other way around in some cases. Love is one is one of the most powerful things on this earth, yet so many misuse it or abuse it. Throwing it around like it’s nothing and hurting those around them. Love when it is misused can truly hurt someone; put them in a place they never dreamt of being in. Everyone on earth wants to find that perfect someone to spend their time with, to know you mean the world to them, to know you are their world. Everyone just wants to feel that way, like no one is being put above you. You can’t stop the changes that love brings on, you can only embrace its warm feeling.

Love can be anything or anyone. Everyone on this planet deserves someone to love, someone to care for and someone to care for them as well. But love can turn into fool’s gold with the wrong person, thinking you have it all when in reality you have nothing but yourself. Love can warm your heart and soul like the sun on a warm sunny day. You feel important in its strong warm embrace, because it is love, true love. But most importantly, love is patience and kindness a great feeling all wrapped into one.


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