Online Game: Pro Kicker Frenzy

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Show off your kicking skills in Pro Kicker Frenzy as you kick a series of field goals for big points. Aim carefully and score combos to earn extra points. Watch out for the linebackers and don’t forget to pay attention to the wind! Start at the college level and then join the pros as you… Read more »

Keystone Club Warriors of Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club

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Warriors of Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club Obstacle Course Challenge

By Arielle C. and Nicole L. Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club (Locust Valley, New York) On Saturday, August 8th, the Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club Keystone Club traveled to Millville, New Jersey for the 2015 Warrior Dash. This year’s Warrior Dash was a 3.1 mile race through the woods that included twelve physically… Read more »

Chicago Cubs: Maybe This Year?

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Chicago Cubs Players

Nash Elder, Online Editor • May 13, 2015 - The Speaking Eagle The Chicago Cubs. A Major League Baseball franchise riddled with losses—going without a World Series win since 1908—could be a winning team in 2015. The popular 1989 movie “Back to the Future Part II” predicted it, but that’s not the only reason some… Read more »

HS Athletes Going Pro - Let’s Be Realistic

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High School Athlete Going Pro

Lindsay Cronin gets real about the cost of sports and the pipe dreams of high school athletes going pro. Lindsay Cronin, Sports Editor • March 5, 2015 - The Speaking Eagle   “Cost of a Dream” Many athletes play sports because of the numerous life lessons, memories and friends they make with a team. I… Read more »

Athlete Tip: Athletes can endure extreme heat, cold safely

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Makenzie Schroeder shares an athlete tip on extreme heat and cold! By Makenzie Schroeder , Photography Editor • May 28, 2015 - The Eclipse   With spring in full swing, rain and thunderstorms are unavoidable. Constantly, sporting events are canceled due to the season’s weather. But rain is not the only thing that changes sporting schedules. Heat… Read more »

Rec Teams Are Often Win-Win

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Noah Gillespie shares why rec teams are often win-win for everyone involved Noah Gillespie, Reporter • May 13, 2015 - The Speaking Eagle   It would be quite challenging to find a significant number of students at Juan Diego who have not participated in a recreation sports league at some point in their lives. These sports… Read more »