How To Make A Video with Kid President

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How to Make a Video

Kid President needs your help! Be part of Kid President’s special friend pep talk! Watch video for instructions. If you don’t have the KP book with the pep talk inside it (and why don’t you ?!) here is the text of the pep talk. Film yourself giving this pep talk. Upload it to YouTube. Email… Read more »

Kid President and Steve Martin: Together At Last!

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steve martin

Comedy legend Steve Martin stops by to talk about his new movie (Dreamworks’ ‘Home’) and to help Kid President with some advice on how to be a good uncle. See the trailer for HOME here: Watch Kid President’s Secret Biscuit Dance:

World Monitoring Challenge

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World Monitoring Challenge

Take the World Water Monitoring Challenge! Is your water safe to drink? For many people around the world and even in our own country, the answer is no. EarthEcho International is an educational and outreach program started by the family of Jacques Cousteau, probably the most famous underwater explorer ever. His son, Philippe, joined him… Read more »

Little Luxuries - Life in the Philippines

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Little Luxuries - Life in the Philippines

Isabela A., Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club “Ma’m Sir, Ma’m Sir, accessories cheap po.” “Ma’m Sir, handbags Sir.” “Ma’m Sir, Rolex watches po.” All of this can be heard at once, and from every direction too. Every kiosk is independent of one another, so each vendor is desperately trying to sell you their products in… Read more »

Kid President: Speaks From The Heart!

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kp speaks from the heart

In today’s adventure, Kid President answers some of your questions and in the process learns to speak and live honestly from his heart. Do you have a question for Kid President? Connect with team KP on any of the links below!… Snapchat: @iamkidpresident Written and directed by Brad Montague (Twitter: @thebradmontague)