By Gabrielle Florence 14 yrs. old

“My life at the club has changed me in many ways. It has kept me out of a lot of trouble. It keeps me from having such a bad attitude. I met new friends with good attitudes. You will find out how when you read this.”

The Boys and Girls Club keeps me out of trouble in many ways. I have mentors here that I can talk to, so they can prevent me from getting in to trouble. It also keeps me busy, so by the time I get home I’m tired and don’t want to do anything else.

My mentors were very influential in helping change my bad attitude. My attitude before the club was very negative that no one could ever say anything to me. When I became a member my instructors began to calm me down in more ways than one. Since the help of my instructors I have a more positive attitude. Before the club when people said things that seem out of the way to me, I would respond in a disrespectful manner. Through the years I have learned how to remain calm before the situation escalates.

I have been a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Central MS for a little over seven years. While attending the club I have met new friends all of which who have good attitudes. Through the years, we’ve seen one another mature in age and character. They were a good influence on me. My friends and I set goals for one another, set a time frame for our goals, and rejoiced in us completing these goals. Meeting new friends at the Boys and Girls Club changed my life and the bond we have will always remain.


The Club

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