Hi all! Alora A. here, your 2015-16 Midwest Youth of the Year. In honor of National College Signing Day, I wanted to share a peek into what my first year of college has been like and how The Club prepared me for what is sure to be a memorable moment in my life!

My favorite experience in college so far has been reflecting on who I am and who I want to be. Through the courses I have taken, I have learned a lot about myself. I can acknowledge my strength and weaknesses. The freedom that I was given when I got to school gave me the opportunity to reflect on any weaknesses and turn them into strengths. In addition, the courses have helped me to really understand what I want to do and how I want to be remembered.

I went into college believing that because I loved music so much, that that is what I was destined to do. But I learned that I can still have my passions and explore other career paths. I am now entering Broadcast Journalism, and I am very excited to see what will come from it.

My Boys & Girls Club helped prepare me for college in many ways. The Club taught me that my decisions and actions will be affected by what I do. It is my duty to make sure that wherever I want to go in life, I work hard to get there. I cannot blame others for my shortcomings. My Club Experience also taught me how to stay on track and how to stay focused. I remember when I would go to the Club that if I was going to do my homework I would need a quiet place to go and study. If I was around a lot of people, or if there were too many distractions, then nothing would get accomplished. My Club created that quiet place for me, so I am able to get my work done.

I can honestly say that because of my Club, my path to graduating high school and getting to Bowling Green State University was a great one!

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