Fun Winter Activities to Beat Boredom

Written by Elizabeth Share
The Club National Staff
Written by Elizabeth Share
The Club National Staff

By: Laura Boycourt

Between the rush of end-of-semester exams, the holidays, and time spent with family, the winter season can a busy time of year. If you find yourself on winter break or with some time to spare and you’re not sure what to do, there are some cool alternatives to being a couch potato. Check them out below!

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Try Some New Outdoor Winter Activities
Just because school and recreational sports are on hold doesn’t mean you can’t stay active and compete! Maybe your local ice skating rink is calling to you, or your friends are planning a trip to ski, snowboard, or snowshoe. If you’re in a chilly climate but don’t have any serious snow, bundle up and play a game of capture the flag or go geocaching.

Whether you’re an expert at microwaving mac and cheese or you really know what you’re doing in the kitchen, being snowed in (or just being IN) is the perfect excuse to roll up your sleeves and try your luck with a new recipe. Cookies? Chicken Cordon Bleu? Pancakes? Kale chips? Doesn’t matter. Just give it a try!

Family Trip
A family trip is a great opportunity to catch up with relatives and do something new. You don’t have to go far at all. If you already have family plans away from home, great. If not, consider going somewhere local like a park, movie, or even just a meal out of the house. Consider it a great way to catch up on everything that’s been happening in your busy lives!


Read a Book
We know, we know…you probably just finished a massive novel or book report for school and would rather hunker down in front of the TV or computer. Reading might not come to mind when you think of winter activities, but free time is a great chance to read a book you’ve been interested in or just heard about! Escaping into a drama, comedy, love story or action-packed adventure will pass the time while taking you to another world.

Get Artistic
Although it might be dreary outside, your creativity can shine during your winter break. If you’re a musician, take advantage of the downtime to learn or write a new song. Writers can start, work on, or finish a story. For those who love to paint or draw, get inspired inside or outdoors and create a piece.

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There’s always someone or some place in need, so lending a hand during your free time is a wonderful thing to do. Think about things near and dear to your heart: animals, kids, your grandparents? Volunteer opportunities like dog walking, working with kids, or helping the elderly will definitely brighten someone’s day. You could even teach a computer class, help build a house, or assist in planning holiday events near you. Visit for a great offering of volunteer opportunities (hint: use the filter “teens” when searching to find some awesome possibilities).

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