Whether you play a traditional team sport like soccer or football or rely on your PE class for exercise, there are a number of unique sports and physical activities that will help you boost your adrenaline while having fun along the way. Learn a little more about the cool alternatives below, and who knows…you might just find your next hobby or favorite sport!
Geocaching - unique sport
Photo by Fihu
If you’ve never heard of geocaching, it sounds pretty weird. But this GPS-based outdoor treasure hunt is anything but strange. Caches, another word for containers of some sort, that contain a log book and either small gifts or valuables, are hidden in specific locations all over the world (that’s where the“geo” part comes from!) for seekers to find. By entering coordinates on your GPS device or smartphone you can find geocaches around you. Once geocachers find a cache, the rule is to record the adventure in the log book, take whatever small toy, valuable, or tradeable item is in the box, and leave another item behind. The cache must be returned to where it came from so other geocachers can find it. Hunts are available in hometowns, across the country, and all over the world. To learn more about the rules and different types of quests available, do a quick Google search and be sure to visit www.geocaching.com.   
**When you’re participating in a geocaching adventure, make sure you do it safely. Always go with a friend or team, let your parents know where you’re headed and don’t wander into any areas that seem like they might be unsafe.


Rock wall climbing - unique sport
Photo by The White Mountain School
Check out another unique sport: climbing. You don’t have to be a professional and have your sights set on Mount Everest to enjoy climbing. There are many opportunities for climbers of all skill levels to enjoy the thrill of reaching new heights on indoor or outdoor rock walls. Most states have numerous indoor climbing facilities that offer classes for everyone (with permission from your parents, of course). If you’re new to the sport, you’ll learn about ropes, technique, and how to help other climbers reach their goals. There are many options in the great outdoors, too. Chances are there’s a class or opportunity in your neck of the woods.

Disc Golf

Frisbee Golf
By Jeffrey from Dunmore, PA (Ceekside Disc Golf)



Pakour - Unique Sport
Photo by Eneas De Troya from Mexico City, México
If you’re someone who’s always on the move and you find yourself using surrounding surfaces to getaround, parkour is probably right up your alley. This sport is part gymnastics, part running, part obstacle course, and part creativity (that’s a lot of parts!). You use whatever is around you to get from one place to another. Imagine being in a gym with high and low bars, stacked mats to jump on and over, and surfaces to climb. Then imagine similar obstacles outdoors. Navigating these physical “barriers” with your body is parkour. It’s important to stay safe in any and all environments, since being reckless can beend up being very dangerous and hazardous to you. To enjoy the activity safely, there are many parkour  classes and experiences available for all ages. Try searching, “parkour classes near me” on the web to see the fun options nearby.
If any of these unique sports sound good, get out there, give them a try, and have fun!

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