JROTC - The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps: Gaining Appreciation for Citizenship and the Military

Written by Elizabeth Share
The Club National Staff
Written by Elizabeth Share
The Club National Staff

By: Laura Boycourt

If you’ve ever thought of joining the military, the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a wonderful way to get a taste of what it takes. It’s also an opportunity to improve valuable life skills such as discipline, teamwork, communication, and responsibility.

By PH3 VICTORIA A. TULLOCK, USN, Courtesy of the U.S. Navy

Sponsored by the United States Armed Forces, programs are offered in many high schools and even some middle schools. The Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force military branches offer hundreds of units to join.

By Scott A. Thornbloom, from defenseimagery.mil

If your school offers a program, you’d probably take courses as electives, although some boarding and military schools require participation. Cadets, as JROTC members are known, take part in a number of educational, physical, and leadership activities, such as drill, inspections, marksmanship, and color guard. Many units get the chance to visit military installations and compete against other local JROTC units. Cadets can also receive awards in the form of ribbons and medals for leadership, scholastic, and athletic success.

Courtesy of the United States Coast Guard

JROTC programs offer many interesting and challenging courses that are sure to keep you engaged and hungry for more. In the Navy ROTC program, for example, cadets can learn about naval operations, electronics, and naval drills and ceremonies. For those who are part of an Army ROTC unit, the curriculum likely includes courses in map reading, leadership, and defense force history, to name a few.

By Sgt. Bob Yarbrough, Courtesy of the U.S. Army)

At the end of the day, the JROTC is all about becoming a better citizen who is better prepared for making a difference in the community, country, and world.
To learn more about the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, visit the following branch-specific sites:
Navy JROTC: www.njrotc.navy.mil
Army JROTC: www.usarmyjrotc.com
Marine Corps JROTC: www.mcjrotc.marines.mil
Air Force JROTC: www.au.af.mil/au/holmcenter/AFJROTC/index.asp
*The Coast Guard has several programs. Do an online search for more information.

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