Happy Valentine’s Day! Share this song with someone you love! Kid President continues his quest to make this an #awesomeyear for everybody in the world by singing you a song. Joining him are the amazingly talented Lennon and Maisy from ABC’s hit drama Nashville.


“I Would Still Love You” by Brad Montague @thebradmontague
Video edited by: Matt Van Den Meiracker and Brad Montague

See KP’s special BONUS interview with the girls here:

Check out Lennon and Maisy’s channel here:

Kid President

Kid President is a video series produced by Brad Montague (camera work) and his brother-in-law Robby, who appears in the videos. Kid President is all about changing the world. As Kid President says, "Love changes everything. So fill the world with it." Visit their website to check out all the amazing things they're doing and get inspired:

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