Guardians: The Redwood City Reel Hood Hero

Written by Elizabeth Share
The Club National Staff
Written by Elizabeth Share
The Club National Staff

Check out the awesome things they’re doing at Mervin G. Morris Clubhouse in this series on Reel Hood Heroes - the everyday role models and mentors that help youth make positive changes in their lives.

Hear about Hood Hero Kat, the 23-year old barista extraordinaire, artist and inspiration to Hayley, pushing her to “get through anything” and follow her dreams.

Or Jackie’s Hood Hero inspiration, her 8th-grade gym teacher Mr. Wright who was there for her when no one else was and helped her find her place at school and be comfortable in her own skin.

And Jandel who was facing body image bullying at school. Her Hood Heros are her parents, who work hard for a better life for her and her brothers, driving them toward the dreams and helping her love who she is!



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