Sports Careers: Behind-the-Scenes

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Ankle taping sports career

Interested in a career in sports? You don’t have to be a superstar athelete to make this dream a reality! From agents and money managers to front office personnel and medical staff, sports organizations require the professional capabilities of a wide variety of individuals to run effectively. Here are some of the top 5 sports careers that… Read more »

Amazing Teen: Charlotte Burns is a Junior Master Diver

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Photo Credit: Charlotte Burnes Athlete/Facebook

Have you heard about Charlotte Burns? The 13-year-old amazing teen from Britain is a Junior Master Diver with over 130 dives around the world. Not only was Charlotte the youngest person to receive this certification, she’s also about to add another first to her name. Charlotte has successfully petitioned the Icelandic government for the right to… Read more »

i Workout

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Tessa Albert, Staff Writer - The Blue Print April 22, 2015 Music is always good.  It can make your day better just by listening to your favorite song or artist, but studies have shown that listening to music can actually improve your workout performance!  Now you may have heard that before, but do you actually… Read more »

Do Sports Parents Go Too Far?

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parental concerns

Edyn Convery, Social Media Editor/Staff Writer, The Blue Print March 19, 2015   Sports have changed drastically within the past quarter century. Sports parents today will not hesitate to come up to a coach, call them, or even message them on social media about their children’s playing time. There are many factors that weigh in to… Read more »

Scuba Diving: Into the Deep

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Check out The Rider Online, the student newspaper at Legacy High School, and get this teen’s perspective on Scuba Diving.  What are some of your favorite water sports?   Into the Deep Scuba diving provides unique experience Heather Hines, Staff Writer June 19, 2015 bright sun shimmers overhead in the clear blue sky. Senior Haley Hines… Read more »

7 Healthy Snacks for Summer

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Check out The Kirkwood Call, the student newspaper at Kirkwood High School, and try out this teen’s recipes for healthy snacks this summer.  What other recipes can you share? Anna Mullendore, features writer • June 23, 2015   1. Fruity graham crackers Spread blueberry yogurt or a yogurt of your liking, on a graham cracker…. Read more »

Alumni Stories: Inspiring Magic!

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Earvin “Magic” Johnson sat down with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to share how his Club experience made a difference in his life. If the Club was a great place for Magic, we bet it is a great place for you as well! Be sure to check out your local Boys & Girls Club!