Warriors of Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club Obstacle Course Challenge

By Arielle C. and Nicole L.

Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club (Locust Valley, New York)

On Saturday, August 8th, the Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club Keystone Club traveled to Millville, New Jersey for the 2015 Warrior Dash. This year’s Warrior Dash was a 3.1 mile race through the woods that included twelve physically challenging obstacles. Some of the obstacles include climbing cargo ropes, crawling through dirt tunnels, scaling mountains of mud, and jumping over fire.

Our Keystoners had an amazing time running the race and defeated all of the obstacles, using our teamwork and months of training to overcome the challenges. This the second time we have participated in the Warrior Dash and this year was definitely a tougher course than last year.

While some of the obstacles were a chore to defeat, the biggest challenge was overcoming the sun. This year’s race was held primarily in an open field, with the hot summer sun beating down on us the whole day. Thankfully, the staff of Warrior Dash had water stations along the race to help quench our thirst and revitalize our spirit.

Most of us agreed that the toughest challenge was climbing through the cargo net tubes. There was really no way any of us could prepare for this at the Club and we had to learn as we went. Some of us had a harder time than others but we all worked together to get through it.

At the end of the race we could not wait to get together and take a picture. We had a great team this year, along with the Club Staff who ran the race with us, and it is a great memory that we can created together. We cannot wait for next year’s race and hope to beat it even faster than we did this year!

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