Check out The Kirkwood Call, the student newspaper at Kirkwood High School, and try out this teen’s recipes for healthy snacks this summer.  What other recipes can you share?

Anna Mullendore, features writer • June 23, 2015


1. Fruity graham crackers

Spread blueberry yogurt or a yogurt of your liking, on a graham cracker. Top with slices of banana, mini chocolate chips and dried cranberries.


2.  Nutty pretzel sticks

Spread peanut butter on a pretzel stick with a knife. Roll in chopped nuts or dried fruit.

3. Spirally ham wheels

Spread cream cheese on a tortilla and lay slices of ham on top. Roll up the tortilla and cut into half-inch pieces.

4. Frozen yogurt grapes

Wash grapes and pick green or red grapes off their stems. Place on a baking sheet and set in the freezer for a few hours. Let them thaw for a few minutes before placing toothpicks in the grapes. Dip in yogurt and place back in the freezer or serve.

5. Granola apple slices

Granola apple slices

Slice an apple and spread peanut butter on one side, then press granola into peanut butter.

6. Tasty cucumber sandwiches

Slice cucumbers and cover with a spreadable cheese, such as The Laughing Cow cheese or cream cheese. Assemble with slices of cheese, deli meat and tomatoes.

7. Ants on a log

Spread cream cheese or peanut butter on celery sticks and top with raisins.



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  1. Keturah Jackson

    Since there are so many people that have peanut allergies there is a substitute that works just as well which is also even better. The substitute that I use is a European cookie spread by Biscoff and it does not have any peanuts in it whatsoever. However, you will not be able to use this spread if anyone has a wheat or soymilk allergy because those are the main ingredients that are used to make the spread.


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