Top 10 things you miss on summer vacation

Summer is finally here and you thought it would never come! All year long you looked forward to being out of school…but you’re shocked to find that there are ACTUALLY some things you miss about it. No, you’re not crazy! Here are the top 10 things teens tell us they miss during their summer vacation.


1 - Good TV

What is it about summer? We finally have all this time to catch up on TV and suddenly there’s nothing good on - all of your favorite TV shows are on vacation too. Of course, thanks to Netflix this isn’t quite the problem that it used to be. Hello, binge-watching!


2 - Seeing Your Friends Every Day

Nothing beats grabbing lunch every day with your group of friends - you look forward to it all through the morning. During the summer it’s a little harder to get everyone together at the same time.


3 - Seeing Your Crush in Algebra

Sitting behind your crush in a class is a perfect excuse to check them out and start a conversation. Making this randomly happen in the summer is a little tougher.


4 - Having Someone Else Worry About Lunch

So school lunches aren’t always the best, but at least they’re always there. Have you been home this summer and realized there was NOTHING to eat?


5 - Not Having a Job

Remember the good old school days where all you had to do was show up in class and do a little light homework? If you have a summer job (especially one with hard labor or in the hot sun) you might be reminiscing for those classes again!


6 - The A/C

Man, it’s hot. If your school is lucky enough to have A/C you might be missing it right about now. Especially with your parents urging you to spend more time outside.


7 - Team Sports

You might find you’re not only missing your teammates but also practices, drills and the games. There’s nothing like a basketball, soccer or volleyball game to lift the spirits. Bet you can’t wait to get back to your team!


8 - The Weekend

Yeah, we get it. There are still weekends during the summer…but somehow it’s not quite the same. You’re either bumming around (in which case what’s the difference between a regular day and a weekend) or you’re probably working Saturdays and Sundays at your job.


9 - Free Time From Your Little Brother or Sister

If you have younger siblings, summer can be the worst and school days where you get a break seem like a sweet dream!


10 - Nothing!

If this list made no sense to you at all you probably don’t miss anything about school and aren’t looking forward to going back. Either way, enjoy the rest of your summer and make the most of it!

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