Check out these videos to get an idea of what the Keystone Club is really all about! Click the left side bar to get a menu of the different videos included here and to skip ahead.


From speakers, to performers to interviews, these videos will give you a real taste for what to expect when teens come together to unite their voices in a powerful message. If you’re interested in what you see here, ask your local Club how you can get involved in Keystone Club!



Videos include:

  1. “Ambers Top 10 Tips for Keystone Newbies”
  2. Keystone 2014 SMART Girls Expo Teen
  3. Keystone Conference SMART Girls Speaker
  4. Keystone Conference: Quest Crew
  5. Quest Crew @ National Keystone Conference
  6. Boys & Girls Clubs Keystone Conference: UW-Madison’s First Wave Interview
  7. Keystone Conference: Gold Social “Wobble”
  8. Boys & Girls Clubs Keystone Conference: UW-Madison’s First Wave Performs
  9. Keystone Quest Crew 2
  10. 2014 National Keystone Conference: Quest Crew
  11. Check out the Great Advice from Speaker Molly Kennedy!
  12. Singer Miguelito @ National Keystone Conference
  13. National Keystone Conference: No Hate, No Cyber bullying
  14. National Keystone Conference: BGCA President Jim Clark
  15. National Keystone Conference: Careers - Disneyland
  16. Bobby V Shoutout at National Keystone Conference
  17. Singer Bobby V at National Keystone Conference
  18. Violence and Abuse Session at National Keystone Conference
  19. National Keystone Conference: Speaker Blake Leeper
  20. National Youth of the Year Kiana Knolland @ National Keystone Conference
  21. Keystone SMART Girls Expo Interviews III
  22. Keystone SMART Girls Expo Interviews II
  23. Keystone SMART Girls Expo Interviews: Club Advisor
  24. Kelly Rowland’s Boys & Girls Club Graduation Push Interview
  25. BGCA National Keystone Conference 2014 Roll Call!