STEM Careers- 5 Science Jobs

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We’ve all heard about how important STEM is to the future. Science, technology, engineering and math are the fields of the future. So what are some of the many STEM careers? Here’s a look at five possible STEM occupations in science, with details on what and where you might study in college.   Agricultural Scientist… Read more »

STEM Careers- Science

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STEM Careers- Science If you’re interested in science — which is, of course, the ‘S’ in STEM — you have a wide range of career options. You might decide to work in agriculture and animal sciences, environmental or earth science, biology, physics, chemistry or even medicine. If you earn a degree in science, you may… Read more »

STEM Careers- Technology

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Symantec Conference Room NYC Office

No matter where your interests lie, technology is part of your life. But if you’d like to go beyond using a smartphone and/or a computer, you’ll find lots of career options to explore in this growing field. Jobs include software developer, information security analyst, computer programmer and database administration. Even if you’re a creative person,… Read more »

STEM Careers- Mathematics

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STEM Careers- Mathematics If you are interested in math, your career options are nearly infinite. You might one day work in finance, statistics or computer science. Or you could become a teacher and share your love of math with students of all ages. Even if you don’t choose a career directly related to mathematics, you… Read more »

STEM Careers- Engineering

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STEM Careers- Engineering For engineers, the possibilities are endless. Depending on what they study, engineers may work on anything from agriculture and aerospace to energy and the environment. If you’re interesting in solving problems and/or designing and making things, this field could be for you. In the video below, Symantec employee Nehal Mehta talks about… Read more »

Step into STEM- Cyber Patriot

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By: Michael J. Boys & Girls Club of Venice My name is Michael Jamar. I’m currently an 18‐year‐old senior at Venice High School. My favorite subjects to learn are mathematics and science. In my free time, I study programming and try to stay healthy by exercising and eating properly. I’m currently learning C++ and trying… Read more »

Create a STEM Inspiring Space

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BGCA and Samsung partner together to spark kids’ interest in STEM and prepare young people for 21st century success. Through this national partnership, select Boys & Girls Clubs received renovated learning spaces and custom STEM curriculum to inspire future careers in STEM.  

Do I Really Need Math?

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If you’ve ever watched television or a movie you’ve heard the joke that you’ll never need math after high school. If that’s really true, why are you subjected to so many years of addition, subtraction and long division? Well, don’t throw your calculators out just yet…all of those T.V. shows and movies are wrong…you really DO… Read more »

Tech Girls Rock: D.C.!

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Our female empowerment event for young ladies interested in technology careers rocks the capital! By Dani S., Teen Reporter, Manassas (Va.) BGC If you had stepped into the gym at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Manassas Branch on the day of the Tech Girls Rock: D.C. event, you might have been… Read more »

Tech Girls Rock: Austin!

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Tech Girls Rock Austin

Our fun empowerment event for girls interested in technology hits up the Lone Star State! By Camyl, Karleigh and Emily, BGCs of the Austin Area The Tech Girls Rock event in Austin was so amazingly awesome that we’re writing about it! We are Camyl, Karleigh and Emily reporting for and we were lucky enough… Read more »