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If you are interested in math, your career options are nearly infinite. You might one day work in finance, statistics or computer science. Or you could become a teacher and share your love of math with students of all ages. Even if you don’t choose a career directly related to mathematics, you might major in math as an undergraduate and then apply your problem solving and reasoning skills in medical or law school.

In the video below, Symantec employee Rob Lindenbusch talks about how his interest in math and science guided his coursework in high school and college. He also describes his passion for his work and his love of learning in general.

If you’d like to find out more about careers in math, you will find some useful tips from Lindenbusch below. But before you read any further, be sure to watch his video, which includes wise words about pursuing work that you’re excited about.


Need to Know Info

Name: Rob Lindenbusch
Title: Principle Product Specialist
Company: Symantec
College/Degree: Lake Forest College, Bachelor Of Arts; Indiana University, Ph.D.
Major: Physics and Mathematics


Advice for teens:

- Take a variety of courses, in all subjects. Find what excites you. Do what you love!

- Learn how to communicate effectively through English coursework. Speech and debating teams are also great places to learn communication skills. You will need these in any field you pursue.

- The resources available today are amazing — use them! Many colleges and universities have course lectures posted online. Download Linux and learn how computers work from the inside. Never stop learning!

- There is no feeling in the world like being the first to observe something, be it a proof in mathematics, a new fundamental particle in physics or a better way of doing an everyday task in IT.


A Day in the Office with Rob Lindenbusch

8 a.m.: Catch up on email. Answer questions from colleagues and customers

9 a.m.: Conference call with partner to discuss an opportunity for a new customer

10 a.m.: WebEx with customer to help them configure database backups in their environment

11 a.m. - 2 p.m.: Lunch & Learn at customer site. Discuss options for Disaster Recovery for their data center

2 p.m.: Internal review with Product Management team to discuss a new feature being considered for our next release

3 -5 p.m.: Design a backup and recovery solution for a Healthcare Provider’s new Electronic Medical Records system.



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