haunted house

by Lawrence Yamut

This video project included footage from our annual Haunted House hosted by the Lakewood Legends Keystone, for the younger kids in the club and community members. The entrance fee was a canned good that would be donated to families in the community. We set up the entrance in our Teen Center, which led into a maze built in our Performing Arts room. The teens were in their positions, which we rehearsed, throughout the maze and scared the kids walking through. Their dope make-up was done by the amazing cosmetology crew at Clover Park Technical College. The theme of the haunted house based around a profession writer, who was kidnapped by a demented family. When he escaped, he wrote a book telling the story of this traumatic event, and the book came to life in our Performing Arts room. It was such a fun-filled (and scream-filled) experience!

The Club

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