National Keystone Conference Guide

By Hannah D.
Steering Committee Member
Landsthul Youth Center, Germany

More than 1,500 teens will be attending this year’s Keystone Conference – but don’t worry. This newcomer’s guide is designed to walk you through the dos and don’ts of Keystone Conference etiquette.

Meeting new people

1,500 is a pretty intimidating number… especially when considering that is it composed of Keystoners from all across the United States of America (and even overseas)! Talking to strangers can be intimidating too, but making new friends is one of the best parts of the Keystone conference experience. Don’t be afraid to approach someone new! Remember: we’re all here to build new friendships, enhance leadership skills, and own our magic!

Dress for success:

One thing to keep in mind when attending the Keystone Conference is who you represent. During the entirety of the event, you are keystone. So please, look the part! When packing for Orlando, it might be tempting to  bring your flip-flops and short-shorts… but dress responsibly! While your suit and tie might be a bit over the top for an average conference day, showing up in your crop-top will leave you severally under-dressed.  And remember, Friday is a business casual day for everyone (except if you are going to a Community Service Experience), so make sure to pack clothes that will represent you well!

Stepping out of your box:

There are a plethora of workshops to participate in this year… get out of your box and try something new! Want to learn more about shoes? Take the sneaker head class. Do you like art, but never really tried it? There’s a henna class just for you! With so many options, make sure to choose something that interests and challenges you!

Social Media:

The theme of this year’s National Keystone Conference, #OwnYourMagic, challenges every Keystoner to make this year’s conference unlike any other. The theme has also been cleverly designed to make spreading the word about the conference easy for you! Make sure to speak out about your conference experience and use the hashtag #Ownyourmagic on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and be sure to tag @Keystonebgca.

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