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Earlier in October, our Keystone Club organized a very successful community event, Citizenship Day, held at our Boys and Girls Club. Citizenship Day was facilitated and sponsored by CARECEN, a non-profit immigration and human rights organization. CARECEN is one of the oldest and most respected immigrant legal services programs in the region.
The Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN-N.Y.) is a non-profit immigration and human rights organization serving the refugee community on Long Island and throughout southern New York State. Since their founding in 1983 CARECEN has worked to protect the civil rights of immigrants, increase understanding between the native born and newcomer communities, and raise awareness of the interaction of human rights disasters and immigration.
We wanted to bring those services to our region of Long Island, the North Shore, and our local communities Glen Cove and Locust Valley, who are in a real need for it. The goal of this event was to bring in people from the nearby community who were looking to gain citizenship. In turn, by attending this event, CARECEN and our club would help immigrants fill out an application to apply for full citizenship.
Prior to this event, our Keystone had gone around Locust Valley door to door and placed flyers in local businesses, and residences. We conducted cold calls, sent emails, handed out flyers to parents at the club and did whatever we could to get the word out. The flyers explained how simple the citizenship application process was, and all that one would need to bring was their green card, ID, and other forms of identification.
The event turned out to be quite successful, and many people attended. This was a very successful grassroots, community organizing movement, which our Keystone group was very proud of, and hopefully our event helped many people on their quest for citizenship.


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