11 Common FAFSA Mistakes

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FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the application you fill out to get financial aid for college. In the past it took forever. But today’s graduating seniors can go electronic, making it easy to get the money you need. We can’t guarantee you’ll get financial aid if you fill out the FAFSA,… Read more »

Write a Great College Application Essay Without Breaking a Sweat

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College Application Essay Tips

Seniors, it’s that time of year. College application deadlines are fast approaching, and (if you’re anything like I was in high school) you’re stressed to the max over getting every little detail right, especially when it comes to those daunting and sometimes downright pesky college essays. Over the last few months, you’ve probably asked yourself tons… Read more »

What is Personal Brand, an Interview with Jesse Ferrell

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personal branding

MCML recently sat down with Jesse Ferrell, professional speaker, author and success coach, to get his take on personal brand, achieving success, and the importance of mentors. Let’s see what he had to say! MCML: So Jesse, tell us, what is personal brand and what does it mean to you? Jesse: Personal brand is much… Read more »

Develop Skills to Help Others in the Junior Staff Program

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Explore a career in youth development or other human services. Looking to gain practical work experience? Not sure what you want to do for a career? Up until now people have mostly told you what’s next (which classes to take, what homework to do). It might be intimidating trying to decide what the next step… Read more »

Video: Singer Kelly Rowland Supports Teen Graduation

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See our interview with singer Kelly Rowland as she joins BGCA’s effort and supports teen graduation! MCML Teen Reporter The low rate of high school graduation for U.S. students may make it seem that success is not in the cards for many. But that “Destiny” might be changing! Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Taco… Read more »