Building Robots, Building Skills

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By: Louis S. Boys & Girls Club of Venice Louis is a 15 year Venice High School student who has been a Club member for over a year. Louis had some knowledge of STEM programs before getting involved with the Robotics program but was really inspired by the coding he was learning. He feels that… Read more »

Improve Your Photography Skills

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Your photos will be trending in no time once you boost your skills with BGCA’s National Photography Program With cell phone cameras in just about every pocket, taking pictures is something most of us take for granted. Whether it’s a “selfie” on a social media profile pic or a glossy product shot in an advertising… Read more »

Preparing to Work!

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Resume writing

Preparing to Work! Get ready for your first job with real-world experience, like networking, and by writing the perfect resume! After assessing your skills, it’s time to prepare for the world of work. But you just don’t roll out of bed all bright-eyed and ready to go straight to a job. Some essentials include gaining… Read more »

Choosing A Career Path

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Businesswoman career concept

Choosing a career path may seem overwhelming, but if you break it down into smaller steps, it will help you start to see a direction that may interest you. An important first step in determining what you want to do in life is to do an honest assessment of your talents, desires and abilities. Then… Read more »

What is Your Personal Brand?

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Whether you know it or not you have a personal brand. Most of us haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about what our personal brand is, and very few people actively work on creating their brands. With the increasing availability of information, it is becoming more and more important to take charge of your… Read more »

Are you Senior Year Ready?

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Teen Reporter Claire has excellent senior year tips to make the most of your final go-round and prepare for the future! MCML Teen Reporter By Claire B., Teen Reporter, Harriet H. Samuelsson Teen Center of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard & Port Hueneme Summer is over and school is back in… Read more »

Succeeding On the Job

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Training and development terms written on a blackboard

Getting hired is great, but you’ll also want to excel at work and gain valuable skills for future career(s)!  OK, you’ve got the job. You’re actually getting paid and earning experience! But what’s next? Depending on how you view it, your first job can be a game-changer! It’s a chance to learn important work habits, and you’ll… Read more »

Healthy Back-to-School Eating Tips

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Triple Play Ambassadors Ebony and Madi offer tips on healthy eating for teens going back to school MCML Teen Reporters By Ebony S., Triple Play Ambassador, BGCs of Northwest Georgia Whaddup, whaddupp myclubmylifers?! It’s your girl E. Summer has sadly come to an end and your parents have already broken your heart with the words “We need… Read more »