Pathways: A Video About Education Success and Losing a Loved One

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When Johnny Cuantianquiz was 12 years old, his brother passed away. Just entering high school, Johnny felt unmotivated to excel in his education. After two years of struggling in school, Johnny ended up in Redwood High school, a continuation program for at-risk students. The My.Future grant, provided the resources to create the following film. It’s the… Read more »

Guardians: The Redwood City Reel Hood Hero

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Check out the awesome things they’re doing at Mervin G. Morris Clubhouse in this series on Reel Hood Heroes - the everyday role models and mentors that help youth make positive changes in their lives. Hear about Hood Hero Kat, the 23-year old barista extraordinaire, artist and inspiration to Hayley, pushing her to “get through anything”… Read more »

Kid President: Beyoncé Helps Kid President With World Humanitarian Day 2013

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Share a word to make it a reality! Beyoncé, Ambassador for #WHD2013, sits down with Kid President from SoulPancake to find out what the world needs more of. #theworldneedsmore #strength Tell us what you think the world needs more of on Twitter #theworldneedsmore #yourword Visit Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

FARE Teen Summit - Food Allergies: Be Aware and Stay Safe

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food allergies

Maybe your parents sneeze uncontrollably during the spring months or you can’t adopt a cat because your little sister is allergic. No matter what the cause, allergies are definitely annoying! In some cases, however, they can be life-threatening. Peanut and tree nut allergies are the most common among children and teens, although there’s a wide… Read more »

Kid President: The True Story of Kid President

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Meet the creative duo behind ‘Kid President’! What started as simple fun has turned into something much more. featuring music from our awesome friends: Star & Micey - “I Can’t Wait” Lullatone - “Little Things Swimming Under A Microscope” JOHNNYSWIM - “Make” The Parlor - “The Backside Of The End Of It”… Read more »

Kid President: History of Awesome Girls Rap

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Check out Kid President’s awesome rap on the history of awesome girls!! In the new video, Kid President performs an inspiring rap about empowering female role models throughout history, as well as ordinary girls making extraordinary differences in their communities. Watch the video here There wasn’t enough time for all the world’s awesome girls. Who… Read more »