Branson H introduces us to the Google self driving car.


Branson H. , Staff Writer - Eagle’s Eye

Man has been driving cars for the past one hundred years. It has become a part of modern culture, and without a car people in the modern day world would be handicapped. It has become such a big part that there are even TV shows that focus only on cars. The manufacturing of cars is also a very big deal in regions such as China, European Union, and the United States. These automotive industries have been fueling these regions’ economies for a century. The reason that these businesses work is because everyone wants one, and almost anyone can drive one.

But there are the very few that cannot drive them. These are the ones that are considered unable to drive due to a possible vision problem or some other physical or mental disability. Well the rules of the roads have changed thanks to the advancement of technology. Sebastian Thrun, a Google engineer, leads a team of people that aim to create a car that will drive itself. This invention would not only change the way one would navigate the road, but it would also change the laws on who could drive. This would allow those who are blind to get from place to place independently. Google has had great success with this project so far with one of their first test subjects being Steve Mahan. Steve Mahan, a blind man, was one of the first to use the Google Self Driving car.


The goal of this project is to impact the lives of millions of people, and with the Self-Driving Car being estimated to be on the market by 2020, it will do just that.

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