Finding accurate information about exercise, diet, and lifestyle in general can be tough (there’s a lot of misinformation out there on the Internet). Get the right answers to your questions and check out the SMART Girls program, offering you advice on healthy attitudes, lifestyles, eating right, staying fit and good healthcare.

Almost 90,000 girls 8 to 18 enjoy the SMART Girls program year-around at Clubs. Make friends as you join the interactive, engaging small-group sessions. You’ll be able to express your individuality, play hands-on games, role-play and tackle take-home challenges and activities. Learn to collaborate through decision-making and problem solving.

You’ll also learn about how media influences our attitudes about women; date rape and sexual harassment; sexually transmitted diseases; sexual myths and truths; getting regular gynecological care; and physical and emotional changes girls experience.

For more information, contact Tiffani Ponder, Director, Healthy Lifestyles, at 404-487-5803 or



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3 Responses to “SMART Girls: Realize Your Full Potential”

  1. Mallie Boston

    I am the Smart Girls Director at the BGC of Glasgow-Barren County. I would love any information on new ideas and projects! Thanks!

  2. janya

    I luv u guys yall are great I work for Michigan state I want to offer you guy to come to our building.

  3. Tiffany

    have written mtllipue times about my gratitude towards BGCA (Boys & Girls Club of America). When my son first started school in a new city, they were there for us. They were very much like


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