These four words could mean anything to you. It does not have one distinct meaning. You decide what it means to you: this day is almost over, this season is almost over, or in my case, school is almost over.
This phrase is used all the time and works with many different events. It could be about how, in a short amount of time, a big event in your life will be ending, and how much that excites you. Summer is just a season that starts and ends within a short period of time. You start school when you are a child and throughout time you must finish school and move on to a working career. Everything that is born eventually dies. It is just the way of life. It is so easy to start a task, relationship, or project. But we all know it’s not always easy to bring something to an end.
Although there is a sadness to the death of a period of your life, when you finally finish a task there is always some sense of triumph, like a weight has been lifted off your chest. Like you get a fresh breathe of air and know that something new is commencing. Roman Philosopher Seneca said “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”. We cannot begin new adventures, new relationships, and new dreams without the end of others. Transitions are full of emotion: happiness, sadness, nervousness, frustration, regret, and excitement. Maybe looking at this you feel sadness because it is the end of something. Possibly you are feeling accomplishment and relief for the end of an event and the start of a new one. It is really for you to decide.
“It is almost over” is a small phrase, meant for self-reflection, giving you that little push to foreshadow what is to come in the near future. Even the smallest amount of self-reflection can be such a tremendous benefit to you. It all depends on your perspective. Transition allows us to take a step back and reflect.
In my own personal experience, I will soon be coming to the end of a big chapter in my life: graduating high school. As excited as I am for that fresh breathe of air and these new upcoming experiences, part of me is not exactly ready to leave all of these amazing people behind. I have established such great relationships with my peers and mentors that have made for such a memorable experience. Throughout high school I was very widely involved in school and my outside community. When I wasn’t at work, I was associated with a multitude of activities: cheerleading, mentoring, Keystone Club, and community service projects. Now in the countdown to graduation, I am starting to experience things for the last time: my last time cheering at a football game; my last time taking school pictures. As much as I would like to mourn over my “lasts”, I have to look at the bright side and realize that once these events end new ones will begin. I’m excited to move away from home and meet new people. I am nervous for my first day of college classes. The end of my involvement in these activities gives me the opportunity to find new interests to be involved in. Of course I am nervous to undergo all of these brand new experiences, but that is a part of the adventure. If everything was made easy, nothing would be worth it.
Every beginning and end is valuable, no matter how small. The transition from one to the other may be difficult, but it is up to you to choose to make the best of it or dwell on the ending. Here’s to new beginnings!

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