Holiday Tech Gift Guide 2016

The holiday season is here, and you might be thinking about putting some cool tech toys on your gift lists. Whether you’re giving or receiving, we’ve got a rundown of gadgets and accessories that are sure to please in this holiday tech gift guide!



1. Runaway Alarm Clock
Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? A runaway alarm clock will literally get you moving. When the clock hits your pre-programmed wakeup time, it will jump into action and scoot around the room until you chase it down and turn it off. Unless you enjoy the sound of a blaring alarm clock (and who does?!), you can count on this gadget to help you start your day on time.


Photo by Clocky Polska - Artur Tarwacki



2. Cell Phone Charms
From jewels to animals to stickers, cell phone bling is an easy way to add the “wow” factor to your cell. A shiny jewel or animal that can be plugged into your headphone jack helps to keep dust out. Liven up your smartphone with custom characters or letters on small lanyards. Want to be creative? Making your own design out of stickers will definitely add some shine to the back cover of your smartphone. Websites like and have lots of neat options for phones in need of some flash.


Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns



3. Ozobot
Imagine having a robot that can follow the unique commands you and your friends have created. Well, although it won’t do your laundry or take out the trash, the hugely popular Ozobot will move around by following your commands. Your code tells the Ozobot what to do, and you can even download apps to share in the fun with others. Depending on which product you prefer, the different types of Ozobot robots can respond to hand-drawn color code, lines created on iPads, or programs created online. Check out to learn more.


Animation by



4. Pyle LED Writing Board
Dry erase boards are cool for a quick message or doodle, but if you’re looking for something more, the Pyle LED Writing Board will put your work up in bright lights. An LED lighting system will transform your text or drawing into a colorful and flashing piece of art. The board comes with a remote control and is available in a variety of sizes.



5. Polaroid Cameras
Maybe you’ve heard your parents or other relatives talk about the “Polaroids” (pictures) they took way back when, or maybe you’ve even seen one or two in family photo albums. Even though snapping pics on our smartphones is easy and fun, having a camera quickly print out a photo of an awesome selfie is pretty cool, too. Today’s Polaroid cameras come in different colors and add some fun for today’s photographers.


Photo by Doug Kline



6. iPhone Chargers
Phone chargers are pretty boring, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring to look at. There are some colorful options for personalizing your iPhone charger including the Whooz lineup of charger accessories. You can throw a unique sticker (think animals, characters, and bright colors) on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod charger to make sure everyone knows it belongs to you. Realize you need to charge your phone after you’ve gotten into bed? A glow-in-the-dark or LED-lit charger USB cable will do the trick for those late nights when you’ve forgotten to plug in. You can also find a variety of funky and unique charger and cable options through a quick search online.


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