Graduate for Mas

Click HERE to make the Graduate For Más promise!

We want you to commit to make every effort to finish high school for a start to a bigger and better life! Más!
Why does graduating from high school matter so much? It’s all about the numbers! Studies show that high school grads have lower unemployment rates (8.3%) than dropouts (12.4%) and grads make almost $10,000 more per year with just that little high school diploma!*
Once you make the promise post to Instagram and Twitter #GraduateForMas to share with your community! Check out others who have taken the pledge below!

We want you to make a promise — the kind of promise you’ll cross your heart and keep, not just for yourself, but for everyone in your life.

Making the promise to graduate from high school is a duty to your friends, family and country that is perhaps just as important as any vow you can make these days. With graduation rates hovering at dangerously low levels in some cities and communities in the U.S., promising to graduate is a pretty big deal!

Go to Graduate for Más and make your Graduate for Más promise official! As part of our partnership with the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens, BGCA wants Club teens to make a public promise to the people who support you — your family and friends, Club advisors and more — that you will graduate from high school!


Graduate for Más is an online program dedicated to empowering you to make a promise to graduate high school and to achieve “más” in your community. But it’s also much more than that — there are other cool interactive features, such as a tracker to measure how many of your fellow Club members have made the promise, the latest info on colleges and advice on how to find tutoring help. You can even get tips to help make your prom the coolest ever!

Go promise to Graduate for Más! This is one promise you will want to keep!


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