STEM Careers- Mathematics

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STEM Careers- Mathematics If you are interested in math, your career options are nearly infinite. You might one day work in finance, statistics or computer science. Or you could become a teacher and share your love of math with students of all ages. Even if you don’t choose a career directly related to mathematics, you… Read more »

STEM Careers- Engineering

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STEM Careers- Engineering For engineers, the possibilities are endless. Depending on what they study, engineers may work on anything from agriculture and aerospace to energy and the environment. If you’re interesting in solving problems and/or designing and making things, this field could be for you. In the video below, Symantec employee Nehal Mehta talks about… Read more »

2015 Digital Arts Winners

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Digital Creativity

Congratulations to the National Winners of the 2015 Digital Arts Festival and ImageMakers National Photography Competition! On July 14, the national winners of our Digital Arts Festivals and ImageMakers National Photography competition were named during an awards gala as part of a weeklong culmination event for teen finalists. Sponsored by Sony Electronics, the Digital Arts Festivals… Read more »

Why Tech Girls Rock!

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Boys & Girls Clubs of America and CA Technologies partner to bring Tech Girls Rock to young girls across the nation. The Tech Girls Rock initiative encourages girls to explore technology related educational opportunities and careers. Visit… for more information.

What is Cyber Bullying?

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Once you can grasp what bullying is, it becomes easier to define cyber bullying. Simply put, bullying is unwanted behavior that attempts to create an imbalance of power. The cyber aspect means that the bullying is occurring through electronic communication. Cyber bullying can be stopped amongst teens by constantly monitoring their online actions. If you see any content that you perceive… Read more »

Tech Girls Rock: Austin!

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Tech Girls Rock Austin

Our fun empowerment event for girls interested in technology hits up the Lone Star State! By Camyl, Karleigh and Emily, BGCs of the Austin Area The Tech Girls Rock event in Austin was so amazingly awesome that we’re writing about it! We are Camyl, Karleigh and Emily reporting for and we were lucky enough… Read more »