Review Call of Duty Ghosts

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Review Call of Duty Ghosts — Teen Reporter Joey B. takes an honest look at this rated-M game and the people who play it MCML Teen Reporter By Joey B., Teen Reporter, Sarah Heinz House “Call of Duty: Ghosts” is rated M, but I know a lot of kids 14 years old and under who play… Read more »

Find Your Creative Side with Fine Arts!

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Try out different mediums and discover your favorite way to express yourself and really find your creative side. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is proud to support the fine arts through our Digital Arts Festival. These programs are here to help you be more creative and raise your cultural knowledge and appreciation - through… Read more »

Grand Theft Auto Five: Teen Safe?

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Teen Reporter Joey B. plays the game with gusto but actually believes the game is a bit much for teens! MCML Teen Reporter Grand Theft Auto Five Review By Joey B., Teen Reporter, Sarah Heinz House (Pittsburgh) Does “Grand Theft Auto Five” cause violence for teens? Yes, I do believe that “Grand Theft Auto Five” does…. Read more »

What is Cyber Bullying?

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Once you can grasp what bullying is, it becomes easier to define cyber bullying. Simply put, bullying is unwanted behavior that attempts to create an imbalance of power. The cyber aspect means that the bullying is occurring through electronic communication. Cyber bullying can be stopped amongst teens by constantly monitoring their online actions. If you see any content that you perceive… Read more »

Money Matters Music Mogul - Syretha Shirley

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Time is money and no one knows that better than Syretha Shirley! Here is her award winning 2012 Money Matters Music Mogul video featuring Khao. Check out her crazy song-writing skills in her professional produced video with lyrics like: “Money matters…money coming in and never running out. Gotta put in work to get the best… Read more »

Money Matters Music Mogul Winner: Blake McGuire

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Money Matters and Boys & Girls Club teen Blake McGuire of Indianapolis is here to prove it. Watch his Money Matters Music Mogul winning video with sick lyrics. The contest was sponsored by BGCA and the Charles Schwab Foundation. Blake’s winning song earned him a trip to Atlanta to make a professional music video and have… Read more »

Want To Be A DJ? Start Now

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Teen Reporter and Club DJ Doug M. tells us how to keep the party going! By Doug M., Teen Reporter, Sarah Heinz House One day when I was down at my Club (Sarah Heinz House), I was bored and tired of just playing in the Gamesroom and I went to the front desk and asked… Read more »

Tech Girls Rock: Austin!

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Tech Girls Rock Austin

Our fun empowerment event for girls interested in technology hits up the Lone Star State! By Camyl, Karleigh and Emily, BGCs of the Austin Area The Tech Girls Rock event in Austin was so amazingly awesome that we’re writing about it! We are Camyl, Karleigh and Emily reporting for and we were lucky enough… Read more »

Video: Diggy Stops By NYC Club!

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Hip-hop star appears at NYC Club to help teens get ready for an exciting school year! Teen Reporter Josh L. got a chance to interview hip-hop star Diggy Simmons during Madison Square Boys & Girls Club’s Back-to-School Bash on Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014 in Brooklyn, New York. The event, which was attended by more… Read more »