Video: Singer Kelly Rowland Supports Teen Graduation

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See our interview with singer Kelly Rowland as she joins BGCA’s effort and supports teen graduation! MCML Teen Reporter The low rate of high school graduation for U.S. students may make it seem that success is not in the cards for many. But that “Destiny” might be changing! Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Taco… Read more »

How to Survive an Art Critique

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Tips for surviving an art criticism

  How to Survive an Art Critique Do you love art but stress about the feedback your classmates or teacher might give you? Well… get over it. If you’re going to be an artist you have to be prepared for feedback (unless you plan on hanging your work in a dark closet and never showing… Read more »

2015 Digital Arts Winners

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Digital Creativity

Congratulations to the National Winners of the 2015 Digital Arts Festival and ImageMakers National Photography Competition! On July 14, the national winners of our Digital Arts Festivals and ImageMakers National Photography competition were named during an awards gala as part of a weeklong culmination event for teen finalists. Sponsored by Sony Electronics, the Digital Arts Festivals… Read more »

Can Fairy Tales Come True?

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Fairy Tales

Student gives opinion on whether or not live action remakes of Disney classics should continue to be produced and whether fairy tales can come true.  Kaylee Vickers, Staff Writer • June 10, 2015 - The Legacy Press   Lately, Hollywood has been remaking old movie classics and Disney is no exception. Disney Studios has remade the… Read more »

i Workout

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Tessa Albert, Staff Writer - The Blue Print April 22, 2015 Music is always good.  It can make your day better just by listening to your favorite song or artist, but studies have shown that listening to music can actually improve your workout performance!  Now you may have heard that before, but do you actually… Read more »

Summer Albums to Watch For

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Summer Albums

Check out The Knight Errant, the student news site of Benilde - St. Margaret’s School, and put these summer albums on your radar.  What are you listening too this summer? Zach Smith, A&E Editor - May 14, 2015 Florence + the Machine — “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” (6/2/15) Florence + the Machine’s lead… Read more »

Teen Reads: Ten Good Books for Teens

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my favorite books

Check out The Eclipse, the student news site at Kearsley High School, and read this teen’s suggestions for good books for teens to read.  Who are some of your favorite teen authors? By Kayla Smith , Arts and Entertainment Editor • June 5, 2015 I have read countless books in my life, but there are a few… Read more »

Movie: Jurassic World Review

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jurassic world

Check out The Roar, the student newspaper at Leander High School, and read this teen’s Jurassic World review.  What did you think of the movie? by Jack Densmore, Editor-in-Chief June 22, 2015   The sequel to Jurassic Park, Jurassic World opened in the box office with record-breaking numbers. Firstly, the story was fantastic. There was a lot of elements… Read more »