Amazing Teen Ahmed Mohammad

If you’ve been at all tuned into the news lately, you may have heard of Ahmed Mohamed, an amazing teen from Texas who built a pretty cool homemade clock. An engineering whiz kid, Ahmed wanted to share his invention with classmates and brought the clock to school. Ahmed was arrested when a teacher decided that the clock looked like a bomb and escalated the situation to the police. Listen to Ahmed tell his story in the video below.


Ahmed is an Amazing Teen not just because he built a clock, but because with his clock he raised awareness about national issues of racial discrimination and profiling that still affect minorities in America today. It’s only by becoming aware of these inequalities that we can foster a national dialogue and take actions that will truly level the playing field for everyone.


The hashtag #IStandWithAhmed quickly spread across the Internet, and even caught the attention of some pretty powerful people.


He even got invited to visit Facebook:


We’re inspired by Ahmed’s story: his commitment to learning, sharing his knowledge and his resistance to adversity, proving that Amazing Teens sometimes face the biggest challenges. Like Ahmed, follow your passions and show the world what an amazing teen you really are!

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