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Caroline B, Teen Reporter gives us an Art Exhibit Review on Light in the Garden by Bruce Munro.

Imagine being in the dark. Imagine the wind blowing your hair away from your face and the smell of honeysuckles drifting from between the trees. Imagine being completely calm, walking across a suspended bridge under the tree tops. Then, all of a sudden, 30,000 flower-like lights shoot up out of the ground. Small globes lighting up the entire forest around you. All of the plants around you are lit up with a million different colors. Watching, while the crickets whisper in the background.


Bruce Munro is a British artist that is known for his immersive, large-scale, light-based installations inspired by his interest in human experience. Munro was born in London in 1959 and went to Bristol Polytechnic in 1982. He raised 4 children with his wife, Serena, in Wiltshire. His work has been shown at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Waddesdon Manor, The Rothschild Collection, Buckinghamshire, and the Guggenheim Museum.

The art exhibit showcased 6 different pieces all inspired by light. There was the Water-Towers, Three-Degrees, Eden Blooms, The Beacon, Swing Low, and finally the Forest of Light. The Forest of Light is the most magical place you will ever go. Every bulb is pulsing with light as you walk by. Three acres of serenity flows through your mind for hours after you leave.

If you have time to go see this exhibit before October 3rd, make sure that you pick up a map so that you don’t miss one of these amazing installations. All of it is very spread out so that you get to enjoy each piece individually. This is such a great experience.

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