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Digital Creativity

2015 Digital Arts Winners

Congratulations to the National Winners of the 2015 Digital Arts Festival and ImageMakers National

Video: Singer Kelly Rowland Supports Teen Graduation

See our interview with singer Kelly Rowland as she joins BGCA's effort and supports teen graduation!

ImageMakers Teen Photo Team- We Love Our Club

Welcome to a multi-part series sponsored by Sony ImageMakers. Through Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s (BGCA) national partnership with Sony

Enlisting After High School

Check out Westside Wired, the student-run

Online Quiz: How Healthy Is Your Diet?

Find out how healthy your diet is here, with tips.

A Day With the “Schwabies”

Emajae- Columbia Park Clubhouse of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco Charles Schwab Corporation is a banking and investment brokerage company
Fluent Language

How to Become Fluent in a Foreign Language

  Leaning a foreign language is a long and consuming process. It can take years to become fluent, but when you finally are it’s so
Club Photos

Give your Club a shout-out! When you post to Instagram or Twitter, be sure and use #MyClubMyLife and you just might see your picture right here!

Young Alumni Association Logo

Boys & Girls Clubs of America: Young Alumni Association

Don’t lose touch with Club friends - join the Young Alumni Association. Stay connected to the Club, give back and get special benefits & invitations to Club events. Know a former Club kid? Make sure they join too!

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