Cyber Safe Futures Ambassador- Qunkilya


My Club My Life would like to welcome Qunkilya D. as one of our 2015 Sprint Cyber Safe Futures Ambassadors!  Qunkilya is an Infinity Unit Member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County, Florida.


She involves herself with volunteering and club service, and she currently leads the welcoming area at her club as a volunteer membership clerk.  She enjoys guiding and mentoring youth members, as well as engaging them with dynamic dialogue.


Her hobbies include participating in fun activities with friends and family, like going to the mall and the movies.  She also works to stay healthy through long distance running and light weight training exercises.  Upon graduating from high school, she plans on going to college for business management and/or studying the culinary arts.


Qunkilya shared that being a Cyber Safety Ambassador provides her with a voice where people, young and older, can listen and follow guidance they might not otherwise get somewhere else.  She knows people who have been victims from unsafe online activity, and this gives her an opportunity to help lessen the chance that other youth fall victim to inappropriate or unsafe cyber activity. She also shared that she thinks of this opportunity as a ripple in a pond, that has the potential to end up being a tidal wave, if we use our voices properly to connect with the youth of America.”


When asked about a quote that might sum up her thoughts on cyber safety, she shared, “85% of quotes on the internet are made up” -Abraham Lincoln.


In other words, don’t believe everything you hear, see, or read on the internet.  Do your research when gathering information just like you would for a school project.  And remember: always over cite, so you don’t wind up with an oversight.


We look forward to hearing more from Qunkilya on cyber safety topics!


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