Amazing Teen: Arshawna Warren Beats Cancer

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16-year-old amazing teen beats cancer

It’s easy to take your health for granted, especially when you’re young and seem invincible. But this story reminds us that health trouble can strike anyone…it’s how you act in the face of adversity that defines you. Amazing teen, 16-year-old Arshawna Warren found out she had breast cancer before she even had her driver’s license…. Read more »

Smoothies Mask Added Nutrients of Superfood

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Lauren Glase, Media Chief - The Patriot April 16, 2015 The best kinds of food are the kinds that are healthy, but still taste like dessert. Smoothies are sweet, easy to make, full of nutrients, and perfect for warm spring days. The beauty of smoothies is their multitude of options. The flavor is whatever you… Read more »

Not a Missed Steak: Living Vegetarian

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Students discuss vegetarianism Doris Larroy, Staff Writer - The Rider Online June 17, 2015 Sophomore Claire Francis stands impatiently in the cafeteria line waiting to purchase lunch. Dread swells in her stomach and a sigh escapes her gritted teeth as she realizes that her wait had been in vain – it is Meatloaf Monday. For the… Read more »